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Can the High Court Apostille Documents?


Apostille is a specialised term the general public is unaware of until it is required in specific scenarios when travelling. There is not enough information available on obtaining an apostille or the specifics on how to go about getting one as it is a specialised service. Consequently, one of the FAQs surrounding apostille is “Can the High Court apostille documents?” The answer is yes because the law authorises all divisions of The South African High Court to apostille government documents. The Apostille Convention designates each contracting state to one or more authorities competent to issue apostilles. This article will answer all questions and clear up uncertainties regarding obtaining an apostille from the High Court.

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The High Court’s Eligibility to Issue Apostilles

The High Court of South Africa is a superior court of law in South Africa. It is divided into nine provincial divisions, spread across different towns. Each High Court division has general jurisdiction over the region in which it is located. The Gauteng Division of the High Court of South Africa is the superior court of law, having general jurisdiction over the South African province. The main seat of the division is in Pretoria and the local seat is in Johannesburg.

Since the High Court is a superior court of law it is eligible to issue apostilles as each state that is a member of The Hague Convention is free to determine the identity and number of competent authorities. According to the Apostille Convention, The High Court and DIRCO are listed under the Designated Competent Authorities. Each division in South Africa has jurisdiction over all cases, making the High Court legally competent to issue apostilles.  Even though the South African Police Service is also a national law enforcer but it is not selected by the state to apostille documents. The High Court can process an apostille with a notarised copy of the original document. The procedure to obtain an apostille from the High Court is as follows:

Step 1. Present an original or notarized copy of your document.

Step 2. Approach the High Court’s registrar for an apostille.

Step 3. Collect your apostille within 1-3 days.

List of Registrars of the High Court

The registrar is the official who ensures that everything runs smoothly in court. There is a registrar at each seat of the High Court and the Appeal Court. The functions of a registrar are mainly administrative, meaning they will assist you in obtaining an apostille. They can give you all information regarding obtaining an apostille. There is a registrar for the division and the contact details of the divisions in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria are as follows:

Chief Registrar: Gauteng Local Division, Johannesburg

Ms Roanne Bramdaw

Address: Office 132, 1st Floor, Gauteng Local Division of the High Court, Von Brandis and Pritchard Street.

Telephone: +27 11 335 0150 / +27 10 494 8402

Chief Registrar: Gauteng Division, Pretoria

Ms Tumelo Ledwaba (Acting)

Address: Office 1.21, 1st Floor, Gauteng Division of the High Court, Paul Kruger and Madiba Street.

Telephone: +27 12 492 6694 / +27 12 315 7412


Chief Registrar: KwaZulu-Natal Division, Durban

Ms T Mahomed-Hanif

Address: 12 Dullar Omar Road, Durban, 4001.

Telephone: +27 31 362 5800


Chief Registrar: Western Cape Division, Cape Town

Mrs Ruanne David

Address: 35 Keerom Street, Cape Town, 8000.

Telephone: +27 21 480 2411 / +27 21 480 2635 / +27 21 480 2636


Can the high court apostille documents-sandton-pretoria-capetown-durban-southafrica


Public documents are apostilled at any High Court in South Africa as all divisions of the South African High Court are authorised by law. DIRCO is the other designated authority appointed by South Africa to issue apostilles to citizens and foreign nationals. With a notarized copy of the original document, the High Court can process an apostille enabling you to collect your apostille in six weeks.


Fast Apsostille Services

At Global Apostille, we deliver official document apostille through the High Court of Pretoria at a quicker time. As much as The High Court registrars are the source of information, they are not always available to answer all calls or respond to emails. SA Apostille’s experts have years of experience assisting individuals and firms with obtaining apostille documents from the High Court. For use in countries that are parties to the Hague Convention. To secure your apostille with us, initially present documents that require an apostille so we can process your request within 1-2 days, a more convenient time if you find yourself in a rush.

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Can the High Court apostille documents? Yes, public documents are apostilled at any High Court in South Africa as all divisions of the South African High Court are authorised by law.
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