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Poland student visa checklist for South Africans


In recent years, Poland has emerged as an attractive destination for South African students seeking higher education opportunities. With its world-class universities, excellent living conditions and affordable education, Poland has much to offer aspiring South African students. However, as with any study abroad destination, a Polish student visa is one of several hurdles that South African students must overcome before embarking on their educational journey in Poland.

In this article, we take a look at the latest Polish student visa requirements and provide you with a comprehensive Poland student visa checklist for South Africans that will guide you through the key steps and requirements to ensure a smooth Polish student visa application process.


Poland student visa checklist for South Africans

Unless you are a citizen of an EU country, you will need a student visa to study in Poland as a South African student. South Africans need a type D visa, which allows them to stay and study in Poland for one year. To stay longer, you will need to apply for a temporary residence permit before your visa expires. According to the Republic of Poland’s requirements, several documents are essential for a study visa application. The following outlines these requirements:

1.  Valid Passport: Issued within the last ten years, valid for three months post-expected return, with two blank visa pages.
2. Visa Application: Applicants complete the visa application form through the e-Konsulate-Konsulat system, then print and sign it. Two colour photos—specifications: passport type, white background, 35mm x 45mm, no more than 6 months old.
3. Documents confirming the purpose of the trip:
• A formal letter of acceptance from the Polish educational institution. This letter is a key component of the “Poland student visa checklist for South Africans”.
• Proof of payment for studies.
• Legalized/attested/apostilled documents attesting to previous education (originals).
4. Proof of Financial Means: Bank statements or a sponsor’s letter demonstrating financial capability to cover your expenses. This step is critical to fulfilling the financial requirements outlined in the “Poland student visa checklist for South Africans.”
5. Travel medical insurance: Proof of travel medical insurance from approved South African companies, covering medical return travel, urgent assistance, emergency hospital treatment, or death, and healthcare services provided directly to the insured entity.
6. Proof of accommodation: A signed letter from the institution confirming accommodation arrangements. A lease agreement and proof of ownership for private individuals renting.
7. Travel itinerary: Round-trip flight bookings or alternative transportation.
8. For Minors:
• Legalizing, attesting, or apostilling involves the notarized parental consent, court confirmation, and proof of one guardian’s birth certificate, custody decision, or death certificate.
• Originals and copies of parents’ passports and the child’s birth certificate

Poland Apostille Visa Document Guidelines

Poland-student-visa-checklist-for-South-Africans-pretoria-sandton-capetown-durban-2024-2025When applying for a Polish visa, you must submit your documents with an Apostille certificate, which serves as a tool for legalizing your documents. In South Africa, you can obtain an Apostille for your documents at a High Court or the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO). The following documents are required to obtain an Apostille Certificate:

Overview of Poland’s Education System

Poland’s education system stands out for its diverse offerings, academic excellence, and innovative programs. In line with the Bologna Process, the system offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes at various institutions. The academic year, which runs from October to June, is divided into two semesters.

There are 121 state higher education institutions and 210 non-state higher education institutions in Poland, offering various courses and programmes with a duration of 3 to 4 years. Poland is a well-developed country with a strong education system focused on academic quality and research. Educational institutions in Poland offer a wide range of academic programmes in various fields of study such as medicine, science, art, fashion and engineering. Comprehensive language support services, tailored to the needs of international students like South Africans, further enhance the quality of the Polish education system. Renowned institutions such as the University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University, Warsaw University of Technology, Lodz University, and AGH University of Science and Technology offer diverse English programs and are recognized for their research excellence.

Poland-student-visa-checklist-for-South-Africans-pretoria-sandton-capetown-durban-2024-2025Global Apostille Services

Global Apostille is your one-stop shop for Apostille services. If you need Apostille services for your Poland Student Visa application, we can help!  We provide Apostilles from the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) as well as from the High Courts. Our DIRCO Express Apostille service provides you with a guaranteed expedited apostille within 5 days and High Court apostilles are obtained within 2 working days. We ensure that your important documents are properly certified in the shortest possible time. For more information about our services please contact us. Tel: 012 348 3134| Mobile: 081 347 6060 | Email:

Poland student visa checklist for South Africans
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Poland student visa checklist for South Africans
Poland student visa checklist for South Africans, key steps and requirements to ensure a smooth Polish student visa application process. This checklist provides a straightforward process for obtaining a student visa for South Africans.
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Global Apostille
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