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Notary and legalization South Africa

South African notary and legalization services_Capetown_Johannesburg_Pretoria_Durban

South African notary and legalization services

Notary are services that are performed by public notaries, that serve as officials and unprejudiced third party witnesses in authenticating signatures of valuable documents, like wills and power of attorney. South Africa notary and legalization services provider notarizes document by screening the signature that are on your documents, to certify that they are indeed of the individuals who claim that they are theirs, In prevention of any form of fraud. As the official South African notary and legalization services provider in Pretoria, we see to it that all our clients are not forced to sign any document that they do not understand what it entails, we make sure that our clients sign documents that they know and understand what they entails.

Legalization are services whereby documents are being validated, these includes documents seals that are being validated. As the South African notary and legalization services provider, which is based in Pretoria, we validate documents to prove the genuineness of documents for work purpose or any other reasons that you may have in your desired country. The legalization of documents may differ depending on the documents and the country where they will be sending the documents to. The main reason we  legalize documents is in order to weigh off our clients of the burden of worrying about the authenticity of the documents. This legalization is of necessity for transnational ventures, whether it is for educational reasons, entrepreneurial or other personal reasons.

South African notary and legalization services_Capetown_Johannesburg_Pretoria_Durban

Apostille legalization

We are a South Africa notary and legalization services provider that is based in Pretoria. What we do, is that we notarize documents that have to be utilized abroad or that have to be presented to a governing body. Our notarized documents are mostly translated, depending on the client’s needs. Moreover, working with individuals that have been able to prove their identity without a hassle has been a blessing to our company as it eases the services procedure. As the South African notary and legalization services, we make certain that our clients’ documents have an authenticated signature; we diligently check the accuracy of the translated of documents from one language to another, and the precision of the provided copies.

The South African notary and legalization services leading company, conducts services such as:

  • Affidavits
  • Contracts
  • Title deeds
  • Power of attorney
  • Wills
  • Educational records
  • Birth and death certificates
  • Passports
  • Divorce decrees and Marriage certificates
  • Shipping documents
  • Trademarks
  • Patents and patent applications


South African notary and legalization services_Capetown_Johannesburg_Pretoria_Durban

However, One of the qualities we uphold is that we have been in business long enough to have earned the position of being mentioned among the most secure and reliable notarization and legalization services providers in South Africa. Apostille legalization is a South African notary and legalization services company, which is immensely experienced in providing time effective and secure document legalization, Apostille and notarization in South Africa. We have noticed that no one wants to deal with the stress of the urgency of notarizing a document, as most people do not have the desire to manage this kind of a situation, so we step in and save you of the stress and burden of dealing with the documents notarization.

Apostille legalization makes sure that your documents are legalized accordingly depending on the country you intend to use your documents at. In a case of a country that falls under The Hague Convention the applicant will need an Apostille. It matters not whether your documents need to be Apostilled, notarized or legalized, we have you covered. Apostille legalization’s main goal is not make sure that our clients’ documents are notarized and legalized accordingly in order to be of use in foreign countries. We are one of South Africa’s leading notarization and legalization services providers. We are committed to providing customer service of high standards to exceed our clients’ notarization and legalization needs. We offer reliable and quality documents notarization and legalization services. You will surely not regret choosing us.


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Notary and legalization South Africa
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Notary and legalization South Africa
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