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Getting married outside of South Africa what you need to know

Getting Married Outside Of South Africa What You Need To Know-pretoria-sandton-capetown-durban-2023-2024

A person must gather information and ask themselves questions before considering marriage or getting married outside of South Africa what you need to know especially to someone outside of South Africa? It’s genuinely magical to find love while traveling. Something special occurs when two souls from different backgrounds connect, demonstrating that love is very much alive and well. In this article, we’ll concentrate on the processes for South Africans marrying foreigners; how to register a foreign marriage in South Africa; and other relevant information. Getting married outside South Africa what you need to know in terms of registering your foreign marriage in South Africa.

Procedures for South Africans marrying a foreigner.

Procedures for South Africans marrying abroad are the main information on getting married outside South Africa what you need to know.

Step 1: Verifying your South African marital status

One of the six (6) statuses will be associated with the name of a citizen or someone who has previously enrolled in a status in South Africa with the South African Home Affairs. They are PASSED AWAY, WIDOW, WIDOWER, MARRIED, SINGLE, and DIVORCED. The DHA used to have various options, including an SMS line, for finding out your marital status. These no longer function at consulates or for South Africans living abroad; they are either out of business or have inconsistent service. Make sure that your status has not been changed before you apply for the next document.

 STEP 2: Securing your Letter of No Impediment to marry

Getting Married Outside Of South Africa What You Need To Know-pretoria-sandton-capetown-durbanInform a foreign nation that you are single before granting you permission to marry. You must provide proof of this in each and every nation where you are a citizen, which includes South Africa. As a result, you require a DHA document attesting to your status as single, divorced, or possibly widowed. This letter, which states that nothing prevents you from getting married, is known as a Letter of No Impediment to Marriage. It goes by a different name in other nations, such as a Certificate of No Impediment or Declaration of Single Status document.

Most countries require you to register your Letter of No Impediment with them after you receive it, but thankfully, this is usually a simpler process and has nothing to do with South Africa’s DHA procedures.

STEP 3: Getting married!

Getting-married-outside-of-South -Africa-what-you need-to -know-pretoria-sandton-capetown-durban

We cannot give you specific guidance on what you need to do in the country where you are getting married due to the number of variations, but we will try to answer any questions you may have. The marriage registers, often referred to as BI-27 or DHA-30, must be signed in South Africa by your registrar and two qualified witnesses. The Department of Home Affairs frequently cannot produce your marriage certificate later on without this marriage register.

STEP 4: Registering your marriage in South Africa

If you’re a South African married to a foreign national, it could take a year or more to register your marriage through a South African consulate abroad. As previously mentioned, we will need a number of documents, including your marriage register. It’s also crucial to confirm the surname you want because, should you choose to deviate from the DHA’s marriage name convention, which permits a woman to either:

  • Take on her husband’s surname;
  • Add her surname to her husband’s (double barrel surname); or
  • Retention of the surname).

 STEP 5: Getting your unabridged marriage certificate

Newlyweds must apply for an unabridged marriage certificate after registering their marriage, which verifies their marital status and changes on the DHA system. For foreign nationals, South Africans must apply for an official DHA marriage certificate through a South African mission, which can take several months. Unabridged marriage certificates are essential for South Africans, non-South Africans, and non-South African couples. They include all marriage information and are not valid for travel abroad or apostilled. Handwritten or abridged versions are not valid.

Documents needed to register a foreign marriage in South Africa.

“Getting married outside of South Africa what you need to know” that in order to register your international marriage in South Africa, you must have the following paperwork:

  • A formal application to register an engagement abroad.
  • A certified original copy of your one’s identity document or South African passport;
  • A certified original copy of your marriage license obtained outside of South Africa. If the marriage certificate is not in English, this must be accompanied by an English translation from a Sworn Translator.

If you are a female applicant, you have the choice of retaining your maiden surname, adopting your married surname, or using both. After registering as a woman, the applicant can apply for a South African identity document using their new last name.

You must submit a formal application for a change of surname if you are a registered male citizen of South Africa. Remember, however, that this is only possible in certain situations that may require further legal assistance. In South Africa, registering for a foreign marriage is a fairly simple and painless process. This is fantastic because it will allow you to spend stress-free time with your loved ones while they are abroad!

In order to register your marriage in South Africa submit the following:

Submit the following order for your marriage to be officially registered in South Africa:

  1. Fulfilled CMO 2 or 3 form
  2. Certified Copy of Marriage License or Apostille
  3. A verified duplicate of a current South African passport
  4. Verified duplicate of spouse’s current passport

Getting-married-outside-of-South -Africa-what-you need-to -know-pretoria-sandton-capetown-durban

Please note that no money is due. The above documents must be sent to the following address:

South African High Commission

Home Affairs/Consular Section

15 Whitehall



Furthermore, there is a lot of information on getting married outside of South Africa what you need to know, however, plan ahead and keep all documentation. You’ll know what to discard later. Make sure you digitally copy and securely store all of your documents. Keep in mind the documentation challenges listed above and schedule your wedding far enough in advance.

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Getting married outside of South Africa what you need to know
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Getting married outside of South Africa what you need to know
Getting married outside of South Africa what you need to know and the processes for South Africans marrying foreigners; how to register a foreign marriage in South Africa.
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