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What’s the Difference Between Apostille and Embassy Legalization?

What’s the Difference Between Apostille and Embassy Legalization?

Apostille in South Africa

An Apostille certificate from The Department of International Relations and Cooperation’s (DIRCO) in Pretoria will make your South African public document valid for legal purposes in countries that have signed Hague Apostille Convention or the Apostille Treaty of 1961, of which there are 114 signatory countries. The certificate is attached to the original document to ensure that the latter is valid in these countries.

Authentication / Embassy legalization in South Africa

Authentication / Embassy legalization is a certificate to authorise the validity of the documents outside their country of origin, but in this case is used for all those countries which do not belong to The Hague Convention. There are a lot of countries that have not signed the Apostille Treaty, for example, Canada or Angola. Countries that have not signed the Apostille Treaty still use the original process of making a document valid for legal purposes; this is commonly referred to as legalization or consular embassy legalization.

Every embassy has its own specific requirements when it comes to legalizing a document. After accepting the document and its requirements, the embassy or consulate will verify the authentication stamp of Foreign Affairs and stamp, seal and sign the document. After which the document is valid for legal purposes in the country that legalized the document.

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