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How much is the Korea E2 visa fee in South Africa?

How much is the Korea E2 visa fee in South Africa-pretoria-johannesburg-capetown-durban-southafrica

Teaching English as a second language in South Korea has become a sought-after and fulfilling pursuit for teachers worldwide. If you’re a South African citizen eager to embark on this unique journey, keep reading. This experience provides a distinctive chance to fully engage in a diverse blend of tradition and modernity while making a meaningful impact on the lives of eager learners. However, to begin this adventure, your first step is obtaining a Korea E2 visa. If you are thinking, “How much is the Korea E2 visa fee in South Africa?“, this article is intended to answer your question. In addition, it provides you with the complete cost of applying for an E2 visa, the cost of accommodation (if necessary) in Korea, and the cost of the documentation you will need for your Korea E2 visa.

Cost of the Korea E2 Visa Application

How much is the Korea E2 visa fee in South Africa-pretoria-johannesburg-capetown-durban-2023

When it comes to the Korea E2 visa fee in South Africa, there are specific requirements and procedures that you need to be aware of. Please note that the Embassy will only accept CASH when paying your Korea E2 visa fee in South Africa because they have no card facilities. So make sure that when you submit your visa application, you bring cash for your visa fee. As of February 2023, the Embassy of South Korea in Pretoria charged R1020 for the E2 visa. However, please contact the embassy for updated information on the e2 visa fee.

Costs of Documentation for Korea E2 Visa Application in South Africa

How much is the Korea E2 visa fee in South Africa_-pretoria-johannesburg-capetown-durban-2023-2024

The primary visa for foreign teachers in Korea is the E2 visa. Here’s a summary of what South Africans need to obtain an E2 visa for teaching English in South Korea:

  1. TEFL Certificate: This certificate can be obtained from various companies, some offer it for free and some for a payable fee. You sometimes need to apostille this certificate, this varies from country to country therefore ask the relevant embassy. You can get this done at DIRCO (free but takes 4-5 weeks) or use a legalisation agency such as Global Apostille for R650 (takes 1-5 working days).
  2. South African Passport: As of October 2023, the Department of Home Affairs issues adult passports for a fee of R600. 
  3. Police Clearance Certificate: You can get a PCC at your nearest SAPS for a fee of R170(as of October 2023). This certificate must also be apostilled and as mentioned above Global Apostille does it for only R650.
  4. SAQA Verification Letter: As of February 2023, you can obtain this letter from SAQA for R610 in 20 business days and R2215 for 5 business days to verify the authenticity of your degree.
  5. Medical Health check: The fees for this procedure depend on how much your doctor charges. The prices can range between R1500-R2000, however having a medical aid can help reduce this cost.

Cost of Accommodation in Korea

In addition to your Korea E2 visa fee, it is important to know the cost of your accommodation. The cost of accommodation in South Korea can vary considerably depending on a number of factors, including the city or region where you plan to teach, the type of accommodation you choose and the amenities it offers. Here are some basic guidelines to give you an idea of what to expect:

  • Teacher accommodation: Most schools in South Korea, particularly public schools and some private language institutes (hagwons) provide accommodation for free as part of the employment deal. The accommodation offered is usually a one-room flat or shared housing. While this type of accommodation may be simple, it serves a practical purpose and is usually covered or supplemented by the employer.
  • Renting Privately: If you decide to search for your own housing, the expenses can differ greatly. Below are rough monthly estimates for different types of homes in major cities such as Seoul:
  • One-room apartment (officetel): $400 to $1,000+
  • Shared housing (goshiwon or hasukjib): $300 to $600+
  • Studio apartment: $600 to $1,500+
  • Larger apartments: $1,000 to $3,000+ (for more space and amenities)
  • The best option that will save you money is teaching in a rural area or a smaller city, accommodation costs are generally lower than in major cities like Seoul or Busan. Maybe some of the money you save will be used as part of your Korea E2 visa fee.


Remember that these are rough estimates, and actual expenses may differ. Moreover, the cost of living in South Korea is subject to personal tastes and lifestyle. It is advisable to research specific areas and consult with your employer or a local individual for a clearer understanding of rental expenses in your teaching location.

Global Apostille

Before embarking on your teaching adventure, you need to translate and apostille your documents for your E2 visa application. At Global Apostille, we can translate your documents into Korean prior to legalisation using our network of court-approved sworn translators. This will save you time if we carry out both tasks simultaneously. We offer a same-day translation service to provide you with convenience and guarantee accuracy. You can therefore save time by emailing us your documents for same-day translation. Additionally, after translating your documents, we can authenticate them for international use by obtaining an apostille. We provide a comprehensive service which involves translating, authenticating, and certifying your documents. Contact us for more information on our translation services, we will be happy to answer any queries. 

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How much is the Korea E2 visa fee in South Africa?
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How much is the Korea E2 visa fee in South Africa?
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