Apostille Legalisation Service Albania

Apostille Legalisation Service Albania

Express Consular Legalisation Services

If you’re planning to use official documents issued in South Africa overseas, you’ll likely need them apostilled. An apostille is a special certificate that verifies the authenticity of your document, allowing it to be recognized by foreign authorities. This process is crucial for documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic transcripts, and commercial agreements.

In South Africa, apostilles are issued by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) Legalisation Section in Pretoria. They can also be obtained through private agencies that specialize in document authentication and legalisation. These agencies can handle the entire process for you, which can save you time and hassle.

There are two main things to consider when getting an apostille:

  • The country you’re using the document in: Albania is part of the Apostille Convention, an international treaty that simplifies document legalization. If the country you’re going to is also a member, you’ll only need an apostille. However, for non-member countries, an additional embassy or consulate legalization step may be required.
  • The type of document: DIRCO can apostille most South African public documents. However, some documents, like commercial invoices, may require additional certification from a relevant government department before being apostilled.

Overall, apostille legalisation is a necessary step for ensuring your South African documents are recognized abroad. By understanding the process and the different options available, you can ensure a smooth experience.

Premium DIRCO Apostille Service – Apostille Legalisation Service Albania

The DIRCO Express Apostille service offers you the assurance that your documents will be ready for use abroad in record time. Our geographical location, in Pretoria close to DIRCO and embassies, means we can satisfy urgent demands to obtain legalisation within the tightest achievable timescales. Generally, it is unlikely you could have your legalisation service completed any faster by anyone else.

Our 3 -5 DAYS – Express DIRCO Apostille - How it Works

Scan or take a picture of your document and email it to us to get a free quote

After your request for a quote is received, we will check your document; we will also check whether the document can be authenticated by DIRCO, what authentication should be provided, whether or not the document must be translated or notarized before authentication. Subsequently, we will issue our offer according to the terms of Your request.

Our address is: Office 12 A,
Argentum Building,
66 Glenwood Rd,
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Below is a list of common documents that qualify for the DIRCO Apostille service.

What does it cost?

Our fee for the Dirco Express Apostille service is R1850.00 for each document we process.
Once-off fee for a 5 days guaranteed service.

Courier Service

Our Express Apostille service is trustworthy and reliable thanks to our in-house courier service. You can be sure that your documents will be apostilled and back in your hands. Our team will do the rest so that your documents are ready for use abroad when you need them to be.

First Class 3 - 5 DAYS – Express DIRCO Apostille

We take great pride in providing a high quality service to our customers whether they need their documents apostilled for business purposes or for private reasons. You can depend on our skilled team of experts to have your documents back to you in record time at an affordable price.

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