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If are a South African citizen and you’d like to immigrate to the Spain, Netherlands  or any other country, then you’re going to need an Apostille certificate for your birth certificate from South Africa to do so. You might also need this document for a family law case, to get a job, or even to go to school.

Most countries require documents from abroad to be legalized in order to be valid for use. Apostille is a certificate attesting to the authenticity of a document. Examples of documents that may be apostilled in South Africa: birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, court decisions, and other documents issued by the Department of Home affairs.

South African documents won’t be legally valid in countries such as the Germany, Denmark, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, and Switzerland unless they are apostilled. Apostilles are based on the Convention of Haye, which created the apostille verification system for documents from foreign countries.

Premium DIRCO Apostille Service – Document legalisation Service

The DIRCO Express Apostille service offers you the assurance that your documents will be ready for use abroad in record time. Our geographical location, in Pretoria close to DIRCO and embassies, means we can satisfy urgent demands to obtain legalisation within the tightest achievable timescales. Generally, it is unlikely you could have your legalisation service completed any faster by anyone else.

Our 3 days - Express DIRCO Apostille - How it Works

Scan or take a picture of your document and email it to us to get a free quote

After your request for a quote is received, we will check your document; we will also check whether the document can be authenticated by DIRCO, what authentication should be provided, whether or not the document must be translated or notarized before authentication. Subsequently, we will issue our offer according to the terms of Your request.

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9 Frequently Asked Questions About Apostille In South Africa

The Apostille  certificate is an official government issued certificate attached to public documents so these documents can be valid for use internationally. The Apostille was introduced as an alternative to the old and long legalization process through The Hague Convention of October 5, 1961.  

It is an intergovernmental convention which set about establishing a simplified system to allow documentation originating in one member country to be easily recognized as authentic in another member country. The norms were established at The Hague Convention of 6 October 1961.

As a general rule of thumb, apostille certificates are necessary when a document from one country has to be used in another country’s legal proceedings. For example, you may be a citizen of South Africa who is seeking residency in a European country like France. In order to get the residency status you want, you may need an apostilled version of your South African birth certificate to prove your identity.

Any country that is a member of the Hague Convention will accept an apostille certificate from South Africa without further legalisation.

In South Africa, Apostilles certificates  are provided by the South African High Courts and the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) located in Pretoria.

If you apply for our standard service we can legalise your document in 2-4 working days. We also offer a same day- Express apostille service. Read about it here

  • High Court Apostille : R 650.00 per document
  • Translation + Apostille: R 850.00 per document

When legalising a South African issued birth certificate we recommend having the apostille issued on the Unabridged birth certificate. The Unabridged birth certificate is the document that contains the parent’s names and is generally requested by most overseas authorities rather than the short version. However, this is ultimately your preference and we are able to legalise either the Abridged or Unabridged birth certificate.

In most cases, yes. Depending on the document, you may need an original sent to us or there are times we can work with a copy. But it is usually not a problem to receive your apostille on a South African document, no matter where in the world you are located.

Global-Apostille offer fast, efficient and seamless service to meet your expectation. Client confidentiality as paramount and endeavour to provide a first class service to our clients. To find out more about our fast and reliable document legalisation service.
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How To Apostille My Birth Certificate - Pretoria
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